What is Pitra Dosha

Pitra Dosha

“PitraDosha” denotes to the problems, sufferings or misfortune in people’s lives owing to the restlessness, agitation, curse or spell. They are considered to be given by the ancestors who have departed from this earth. It can bring in or cause many difficult situations and turmoil in the family and can cause a lot of restlessness in the family and to its members individually. The Pitra Dosha is believed to be a Bad Dosha or Malefic combination as per the astrological chart. There are people who suffer from chronic troubles and problems and believe in Pitra Dosha. They should follow for Pitra Paksha Shards to get rid of Pitra Dosh. The Brahma Puran says, on the evening of Krishna Paksha of the Hindu Month known as Ashwin, Yamraj commonly known as Lord of Death let the souls get liberated forever. The people who do not offer Shards Prayers, have to suffer from the curse of Pitra Dosha. It is believed that the Pitras got angry and return to their world. Owning to this modern generation has to face numerous problems.

Death is usually classified as Natural or Timely and Unnatural or Immature Death. It is believed that a natural death is caused by natural factors or as per the instructions from God. On the contrast, the unnatural or immature death occurs owing to the Pitra Dosh.

Solution of Pitra Dosha

Pitra Dosha caused owing to the premature or unnatural death of an ancestor, it can be pacified by performing and offering the specific rites and prayers. The rites and prayers are supposed to be performed and offered as suggested by Narayan Bali and other Hindu Scriptures. It is rites are performed at Haridwar, Badrinath, Trimbkeshwar, and Gaya by learned Brahmins, Sadhaks, Sages or Pandits. Premature or Unnatural death may be due to murder, burning,snake bite, curse, animals, lightning, fall from amountain or tree, suicide, fasting etc.

Solution of Pitra Dosha

Performing Shradha rites and ceremony and by doing the Pind-Daan as per the rituals at specified places.
The Prayers and Donation did during Pitra Paksha or Shards removes and helps in pacifying the Pitra Dosha.

Worshiping the Pipal Tree or Ficus Religiosa or Sacred Fig on Somwati Amavasya also helps in pacifying the bad effects of Pitra Dosha.

The simple solution to Pitra Dosha is to offer clothing, food, and money to Brahmins on every Amavasya Day. As it is believed that the departed loved ancestors take birth in different incarnations like crows, Birds, and a cow or other animals. Therefore, one should offer food to feed them in the name of departed ancestors. There are many famous temples which feed the poor and offer Bhandara on some specific days. One can also feed the poor, needy and hungry in the name of departed ones.

Pitra Dosh Donation

Pitra Dosha Donation

Hindu Religion holds a significant and special practice of donation, offerings, and alms; it gets more significant and special during “Pitra Paksha” or “Shards”. In the said period all Hindus offer their offerings in the name of their ancestors or loved ones who have left for their heavenly abode. It is believed that the blessings of our ancestors is being showered unto us and will help us throughout our lives in good as well as bad phases.

It is considered that any offer being made during this period of “Shards”removes and pacifies the ill effects of “Pitra Dosh”, and provide us with longevity, fame, prosperous and happy life. During “Pitra Paksha” or “Shards” we try to make offerings as per our capabilities and financial status. However, the Donations of the following can be very effective:-
Lighting a Lamp near “Tulsi” or Worship Place
Placing a Yellow Colored Flag above Vishnu Temple
Offering of Gold or Gold Items or other metals as per capacity
Offering Food Grains
Offering Clothes and Garments.