Mole Effect

The black or brown circular spots or marks, which are manifested and inflicted on our skin since birth or during our lifetime, are commonly known as “Mole”. Our scriptures give a lot of importance and interpret their significance on the basis of site or body part where they get revealed. They are considered to be indicators of our future, our qualities, and characteristics; they may be good or bad. Moles are also interpreted to be linked with our economic, physical and other characterization and tell a lot of things about the person concerned. The following are the interpretation of Moles of different body parts and location.

Mole Effect

Mole on the forehead describes a healthy and strong physic.

On the Right Side of the Forehead
Fortunate to have perpetual growth in financial status and also gets a lot of ancestral wealth.

On the Left Side of the Forehead
To be unfortunate in terms of situations and circumstances. There could be a majority of unfavorable circumstances and situation in one’s Lifetime.

Unfavorablerelationship with the spouse and it is never found to be harmonious. The lack of trust by the partner, full of malice and lack of love and affection from the partners are destined to be believed.

On Both Arms or Upper Limbs
Supposed to be destined for Lots of Travel in the Life-Time.

On the Right Eye
It interprets and denotes the Extra Marital Relationship or Affairs: having strong and successful love relationships.

On the Left Eye
It describes the misunderstandings and malice with the spouse. For the person Worries, anxiety and stress are found to be the constant companion.

On the Right Cheek
The person is wealthy but with a lot of Ego, proud and arrogant.

On the Left Cheek
The person has to incur heavy expenses or losses and they keep on increasing.

On the Lips
A lot of lustful feelings, sexuality and they have Avery strong libido.

Below the Lips
Poverty and penury.

Behind the Left Ear
Involved and Inclined to unacceptable and immoral activities.

In front of the left Ear
Mysterious personality and delayed marriage.

Behind the Right Ear
Disease of Ear

In front of Right Ear
Beautiful life partner and a lot of wealth at very young age.

On the Neck
Luxurious Life

On the Throat
Melodious Voice and Inclined towards Music.

On the Right Arm
Lot of fame, fortune, and respect.

On the Left Arm
Quarrelsome Nature.

On the Nose
Lot of Travel.

On the Right Side of Chest
Full of Lust and Inclined to Sleep.

On the Left Side of Chest
Strong Libido and fetch defame due to this.

On the Right of Breast
Beautiful Life Partner, wealth and fortune.

On the Left of Breast
Cardiac Problems and Late Marriage.

Peaceful, happy, fond of tasty food.


Sexual Organs
Troubles and Misfortune, Strong Libido and Multiple sexual relationships.

On the Right Hip
Progress in Business and workplace.

On the Left Hip
Piles and Rectal Problems.

Fame and appreciation, lot of wealth but miser.

On the Feet
Intelligent but Miser.

On the Palms
Strong Physic, strong urges and desires for sex.