Feng Shui Tips for Love

Feng Shui tips for a love life, Feng Shui tips for love and romance, Love is said to be a complicated and confusing proposition. The Feng Shui love tips or the Shui remedies for Love are quite popular and get viral on the web as soon as they are uploaded and updated.

Feng Shui tips for Love are some rituals and performing them adds spark to your relationship with your spouse. These Feng Shui tips for love relationships are found to be very effective and are also called Feng Shui tips to improve love and romance.


Making the Feng Shui Bed for Love:

  • Buy the Solid Headboard for the Bed.
  • Freshen and use clean Bedsheets and Linens.
  • Placement of Bed in the proper direction and proper settings.
  • Removing the Extra Stuff like Pillow, Teddy Bears, and Other Cushions.


Making the Feng Shui Bedroom for Love:

  • Setting the Colors right on Walls, Doors, and Window.
  • Designing your Bedroom Art.
  • Removing the Television from the Bed Room.
  • Removing the Work and Work Table from Bedroom.
  • Symmetrical Furniture placement in the Bed Room.
  • Removing and Decluttering Out the Bed Room for Love.
  • Photographs of Relatives and Friends are not advisable in the Bed Room.
  • Removing the Mirrors in front of or Facing the Bed in any way.
  • Sleeping in the Bed Room, not in the Living Room.
  • Increasing the Bedroom Privacy with proper curtains and partitions if required.
  • Keep in mind the Yin of the Bedroom.


Feng Shui Bathroom:

  • Decorating and Beautifying your Bathroom.
  • Make Bathroom another Love Area.


Feng Shui Items for Love:

  • Placement of Flowers for Promoting Love.
  • Using the Artworks showing Love.
  • Getting Rid of the Objects of your Previous Love.
  • Placing and Hanging Mirrors and Crystals.
  • Using the Candles to Instigate Love.
  • Placing and Hanging Happy Photos and Memories.
  • Placing and Putting the Furniture Legs on Rugs no matter small.


Feng Shui Concepts Related to Love:

  • Using Roosters for Curing Bad Romance.
  • Placing Flowers in the Peach Blossom Luck Position as prescribed by your Fend Shui experts.
  • Taking Care of the Love Area and Maintaining the same.

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