Behtar Naukri Pane K Asaan Upaye

Get a Good Job with the following Remedies:

Are you searching for the Job? Or if you are not happy with your present Job? Or if you are looking for Changing your present Job?

Then follow the following Naukri Pane Ke Achuk (नौकरी पाने का अचूक उपाय):


  • Place the Image of Lord Hanuman or Bajrang Bali Ji in the flying posture and worship it daily (बजरंग बली का फोटो जिसमें उनका उड़ता हुआ चित्र हो घर में रखना चाहिए और उसकी पूजा करनी चाहिए).
  • If you are trying hard still you are not getting employment. Take yellow colored Lemon (Nimbu) without any stain, cut it into four equal slices, after sunset throws all four in a different direction near a Chowk or intersection. Then come back home and do not look back, do it constantly for seven days. You will get the expected news soon.
  • Feed the birds with 7 types of Wheat and then visit a temple.
  • Take a Lemon fill four Longs (लौंग) and then Chant the Mantra for 108 times श्री हनुमते नम:’.
  • If you are not getting employed then offer fruits of 12 types in the temple. While doing this keep praying for the job of your choice.
  • Sarkari Naukri pane ke Upay (सरकारी नौकरी, नौकरी पाने के उपाय, सरकारी नौकरी पाने के उपाय, शीघ्र नौकरी पाने के उपाय, अच्छी नौकरी पाने के उपाय): While going for the interview and you happen to see a cow, then feed her the Flour and Jaggery, then go for the interview. Keep chanting the Mantra at least 11 timesऊँ गंगाधराय नम:’. You will convince or get rid of evil spirits. By following this there will be an increase in Money flow, you will get a new job and you will get success in business.

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